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AL, STEEL, IRON Filtering Mesh Fabric


Filtering netlike cloth for foundry (aluminum liquid filtering net, iron liquid filtering net, steel liquid filtering net)

In the process of casting, due to some reasons, when cast steel, iron, aluminum and other metal castings, it is easily to meet the quality problems, such as arising slag hole, sand hole, gas hole, etc. Thereby, it has high technical value and economic value to remove the non-metal material from the metal material, so that promoting the rate of casting finished products, and casting quality is improved either.


The filtering net for foundry produced by our company are manufactured with high-temperature-resistant fiber, further more, they are produced by special technique and following-process, so with special technology and stable quality, and the products of our company have been systematically.


Compared to other kinds of net for casting filter, the high-temperature-resistant fiberglass netlike for foundry is with lower quotation, higher ability of filtering residue and lower gas arising, thus it is easy to use and could keep the element of metal steadily; what is more, these products have good performance on high temperature resistant, flame resistant, good chemical stability and intensity of steel. Thereby, this kind of filtering netlike cloth is the favorable filtering material for various metal liquid. It could be used on chemical liquid filtering and high-temperature gas filtering either.


High-temperature-resistant fiberglass netlike for foundry are widely used to filter and purge all kinds of metal liquid, by using our products, it could get the following aims:

1. Effectively get rid of the blister, oxide with dust and such kind of impurity in metal liquid, by this to erase the residue hole, sand hole, gas hole of the casting ultimately, so that improve the inside and blanket quality of the casting, the finished-products either.

2. Improve the mechanical ability of casting: increasing the stiffness of casting, further more, the blanket becomes more homogeneous and strength of resisting bend has improved.

3. Change the carbon form of casting, in order to decrease the size of carbon, reduce the thickness and make the figure flexuous slightly.

4. Alter the mechanical manufacture capability of casting, improve the efficiency of processing.


Main products: Aluminum liquid filtration, Steel liquid filtration, Iron liquid filtration, Copper liquid filtration, Cap style fitering net, etc. the main mesh sizes are: 1.0x1.0mm, 1.2x1.2mm, 1.5x1.5mm, 2.0x2.0mm, 2.5x2.5mm, etc. We could make products of special gauge to satisfy customers’ order, either. More and more joint-venture and foreign-invested enterprise have become our static customers both at home and aboard for the present.


Technological index of filtration

Types of filtration

Technical index

Working temperature

Melting point

Sustaining working time

Tensile strength

Application range

Steel liquid filtration



5 minutes


mid-small size steel casting filtering

Iron liquid filtration



10 minutes


Grey cast, modular iron and small size steel cast filtering

Copper liquid filtration



10 minutes


Copper alloy casting filtering

Aluminum liquid filtration



10 minutes


Aluminum alloy casting filtering

Cap-style filtration





Melting mould casting filtering



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