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High Temperature Resistant And Filtering Felt

  • Fiberglass Needle Punched Felt
    Fiberglass needle punched felt is one kind of high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance, it could be high temperature resistant, anti-abrasion, stable size, little elongation shrinkage ratio, high intension, also ultimate fiber of felt layer fiber, three-dimensional micro porestructure, high porosity, small filter resistance to gas, it has higher speed and efficiency. Compared with other high temperature resistant chemical fiber felt, it has the advantages of lower price, higher temperature resistant. Glass fiber needle punched felt are widely used in the field of filtration of high temperature smoke, such as chemical, steel iron, melting, carbon black, electricity, cement etc and all kinds of filter bag.
  • Complexed Filtering Felt With Fiberglass
    Basic on metamax and FMS, we do research and production of complexed filtering felt with fiberglass, metamax and Teflon for the dust remove machine of steel blast furnace gas and pulse gas box, this product is more suitable for dust remove of high temperature gas, it is mainly made of P84 fiber and other thin fiber. It could resist high temperature of 200-280℃, and it is also wearable, compared to other complex fiber felt, it use the way of air current and avoid metal rub, thickness odds, so the error of thickness is within 30g/m2, by this the price could be well controled, so this product is very popular with customers.
  • Aramid Fiber Needle Punched Felt
    Aramid fiber is a kind of fiber which is high temperature resist, has high intensity and good mould, it could be used in the dust remove machine which with temperature under 200℃. Its intensity is higher than fiberglass and its price is lower than other fiber, and it has the capability of other fiber. It is widely used in industries of steel, asphaltum mill, and electric factory.