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PVC fiberglass fabric (fiberglass fabric coated with PVC)

PVC coating fabric takes fiberglass fabric, fiber-cotton fabric and polyester fabric as basic cloth, coating by special technique. The main capability and characteristics are: waterproofing, flame resistant, mildew-proofing, cold-proofing and corrosion-proofing; seasoning resistant; ultraviolet-proofing; easy washing; high temperature resistant(180℃), good capability of heat maintaining.

PVC Coated Fiberglass Fabric

  • PVC architecture membrane
    PVC architecture membrane based on the weight of the functional requirements of different coating should be between 400 ~ 1500 g/m2, surface appropriate chooses (PVF), poly (vinylidene fluoride resin poly two vinyl fluoride) (PVDF) resin, polypropylene resin (ACRYLIC), silicon resin, etc., and should have improved PVC membrane material of the function of self-cleaning and anti-aging performance.
    The thickness of PVC film material should be more than 0.5mm.The surface layer in the shelf life should have stable anti-corrosion, anti-UV erosion ability, should have self-cleaning performance.
  • PVC Coated Fiberglass Fabric
    Glass fiber tarpaulin is a new material, inorganic glass fiber as base material, use a coating technology for surface treatment, not only retain the characteristics of traditional PVC tarpaulin, increased the fire retardant properties, as well as resistance to high temperature of heat resistance can reach 180 ℃, so can very good protection under the environment of high temperature equipment, goods, also can beat the shade.
  • PVC fiberglass sunshade curtain
    PVC fiberglass sunshade curtain manufactured by our company is different from various traditional curtain, which produced by special processing with technology of FEIFU Company in U.S. Such adumbral curtain could effectively prevent sunlight and ultraviolet to provide a satisfactory environment which is good for your healthy, by getting nature light, enhancing living quality and making your sight feel comfortable. In addition, it helps to decrease the losing of yellow light and wet which benefit the growth of indoor plant; prevents heat; one-way perspective characteristic will not only ensure privacy, but eyeshot.
  • Fiberglass window screening (insect screening)
    Fiberglass ulterior window screening manufactured by our company is different from various kind of traditional window screening, which is produced by special process and using the technology of American FEIFU Company.
    The main capability and features of fiberglass ulterior window screening are: proofing chemical corrosion of acid, alkali, etc. resisting light-aging and weather problems; high strength of tensile; dust proofing; flame proofing, static and ultraviolet resistant; low coefficient of heating expansion and coldness shrink, proper meshes, good capability of permeating air, high rate of permeating light, good fastness, non-move of warp and woof, beautiful façade, durable quality, and easy washing.