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Special Adhesive Tape

  • PTFE Tape
    High quality products of PTFE Adhesive Tape are made by professional staff and have strong durability. Our company is one of the earliest companies do research, exploitation and production of “PTFE TAPE”.
  • FSD Special Adhesive Tape
    Heat sealing for food, medicine and plastic bag; Gasket on press plate of heat seal, gasket for friction surface of chute and hopper, hot melt glue, gasket for sewing machine, and gasket needing to use non-adhesive, slidable and heat resistant parts; Adhesive tape for carpet use...
  • PTFE Film Tape
    Wide application of wind blades, composite mold release; Smooth friction coefficient 0.1; Not sticky, even high viscosity fluids are difficult to adhere; Drug resistance Most drugs can be used; Weather resistance is hardly degraded.
  • Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth Tape
    The glass fiber aluminum foil tape is made of high-quality silicate fiber as the substrate. It is made of Germany with unique, fine and high-precision technology, advanced composite technology and aluminum foil as the base of the tape. After special surface treatment, it is coated on one side. Layer adhesive (common temperature resistance/high temperature resistance) to produce roll-shaped self-adhesive tape, the surface of the aluminum foil is smooth and flat, high light reflectivity, large tensile strength in the longitudinal and transverse directions, airtight, impervious to water, good sealing performance. It has high shielding rate and strong material toughness. It can effectively shield the electronic interference generated by any electronic equipment.