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PTFE tape

Our company is one of the earliest companies do research, exploitation and production of “PTFE TAPE”.

In recent years, we have fetched in advanced machines, by which to finish al the production process, from high performance silicate fiber, fabric production, functional development and processing, to deep processing, etc. This helps to ensure “product quality, various production and double-quick delivery”.

Our company is dominant on high and middle quality product, taking “export to overseas market” as main channel. The brand of “FSD” of our company has become very famous within China and abroad.

● Introduction:

PTFE tape is a new multipurpose composite manufactured by unique Nano osmotic solution phase change technology using Germany equipment with high quality silicate fiber as base material, etc. It is widely used in aircraft industry, paper manufacture, food, environment protection, print and painting, costume, chemical, glass manufacture, medical, electronic, insulation, building (basic cloth of topping frame), sharpener slice, machinery, etc.

● Main application:

1. Heat sealing for food, medicine and plastic bag;

2. Used for packaging, thermoplastic, composite, seal sealing, electronic and electrical industries, etc;

3. Gasket on press plate of heat seal, gasket for friction surface of chute and hopper, hot melt glue, gasket for sewing machine, and gasket needing to use non-adhesive, slidable and heat resistant parts;

4. Pasting and covering of various high-temperature roller, heating flat plate, stripping workpiece; able to be directly pasted on various large planes and regular curved surface (such as roller) with simplicity of operation;

5. Insulation gasket, insulation protection for cable and coil's wiring position, coating of high and low voltage electrical appliances;

6. Other places needing high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion prevention and stick resistance;

7. Adhesive tape for carpet use;

8. Adhesive tape for aviation, auto and train use;

9. Adhesive tape for electronic and household appliances (air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.);

10. Adhesive tape for antistatic use.

● Notes:

1. The following is the normal specification standard, for the detailed information, please see FSD detailed specification standard.

2. The following are some types, other types you can contact us.

3. Copyright notice: FSD reserved all rights, no copy.

● Common specifications:













Initial sticky

(17# steel ball)

≥25N/100MM (we can make as customers’ request)

Peel force(N/2.5cm)

≥10N (we can make as customers’ request)


Brown, black, white, silvery (we can make as customers’ request)


10~1200 (we can make as customers’ request)


we can make as customers’ request

● Certifications:

1. Fire protection grade:‘non-combustible’,M1 non-combustible(European standard)

2. Safe and environmental protection:1) SGS ROHS


3. Anti-mildew: GB/T 24346

4. Insulation: GB/T 1408

5. Waterproof: GB/T 4745

6. Anti-UV: GB/T 18830

7. UL certification (extremely important certification, the first one in China)

● Some product pictures:




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About us

Founded in 2002, FSD is a comprehensive scientific research and development enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and engineering. The company currently employs nearly 300 people, including more than 30% of technical management personnel, and a plant area of 50,000m². It has two production bases in Wuxi and Taizhou, Jiangsu. The company's products involve a series of application development research related to "Special high-tech fiber". 
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