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Main capability and characteristics:

fire blanket is mainly processed by special technique with fireproofing fiber. Its main characteristics are: fireproofing, high temperature resistant (550-1100 ℃), soft fabric, smooth, compactness, and no spur to skin, it is a ideal and efficient external resist to the persons or goods who need to be far away from heat source, meanwhile, it is easy to use this product to knot the objects whose surface is not smooth, and it could be reused under the condition of not being broken.

Fire Blanket

  • Fire Blanket
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    High temperature resistant: 550℃-1100 ℃
    Unique technique with fireproofing fiber
    Colour: white, red, yellow, blue, and colourful fireproof blanket.
    General thickness: 0.4mm;
    Main specification and size: 1000x1000mm, 1200x1000mm, 1200x1200mm, 1500x1200mm, 1500x1300mm, 1800x1200mm, 1800x1800mm, etc.
    Fireproof grade: A Grade-non combustible, GB8624-2006, Germany Grade DIN4102, A1 Grade (have passed the test of National Firefight Supervise Test Centre)
    Standard: BS EN 1869:1997, Pass the save&fireproof test of European SGS