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Ceramic Fiber Fabric


Ceramic fiber product

Ceramic fiber product is a new inorganic heat insulating and fire resisting material, and it has the characteristics of light weight, small thermal capacity, good capability of heat maintaining and high temperature insulating, good steady of chemical ability, corrosion resistant, oxidation resistant, etc.

Ceramic fiber product uses ceramic fiber as its raw material. The ceramic fiber textile which weaved by special weaving process and manufacture equipment not only has the characteristics of the above ceramic fiber product, but also has the characteristics of high intensity, steady external size, shaking proofing, concussion resisting under high temperature, its physical capability and chemical capability could return to the original status.

Ceramic fiber product is very expedient to use, it could be used by the methods of adhibitting, stuffing, tangling, using rivet in different situation for different purpose. It could be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric, mechanical, shipment, aircraft and car industry for fireproofing, heat insulating, temperature maintaining, high temperature maintaining, high temperature sealing and making other kings of labor safety product. This sort of product is safely to use, has high efficiency of saving energy, and helps to reduce the time of repairing, maintaining,  it is an ideal temperature holding and high temperature resisting product in the present industry field.


Main application:

1. stove gate sealing and stove curtain of all sorts of heat insulating industry stove;

2. high temperature flue, bush of pipeline, tie-in of expanding;

3. high temperature insulating, temperature holding of equipment, container, pipeline of petroleum and chemical industry;

4. shield, glove, headgear, headpiece, boot which used under the condition of high temperature;

5. heat insulating cover of cars, enwrap of heavy oil engine, complex apply and brake friction gasket of high-speed racing car;

6. padding, cushion of compressor, valve which used to transporting high temperature liquid and gas;

7. insulating of high temperature wiring

8. fireproofing gate, fireproofing curtain, firefighting blanket, cushion of contacting spark, textile product of heat insulating and enveloping;

9. heat insulating and temperature holding material, and apply and brake friction gasket of spaceflight industry;

10. heat insulating, enveloping of deep-cold equipment, container and pipeline;

11. heat insulating and fireproofing interlayer of archives, bursary, safety of advanced office building, firefighting automatism fireproofing curtain.


Main products:

1. ceramic fiber fabric:

thickness: 0.8-3.0mm;

width: 500-1000mm;

temperature resisting: 800-1400℃.


2. ceramic fiber paper(plate):

thickness: 10-70mm;

width: 600 mm;

length: 900-1200mm;

temperature resisting: 1000-1500℃.


3. ceramic fiber sting felt:

density: 64 kg/m3, 96 kg/m3, 128 kg/m3;

thickness: 10-100mm, general thickness: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm;

width: 610-1200 mm;

length: 3600mm, 7200mm (or produce according customers’ request)

temperature resisting: 1000-1500℃.


4. ceramic fiber thread, rope

A). ceramic fiber square rope (stainless steel wire or fiberglass reinforcement)

Specification: 3.0-50mm

temperature resisting: 800-1400℃


B). ceramic fiber tweaking rope (stainless steel wire or fiberglass reinforcement)

Specification: 3.0-50mm

temperature resisting: 800-1400℃


C). ceramic fiber circul rope (stainless steel wire or fiberglass reinforcement)

Specification: 3.0-50mm

temperature resisting: 800-1400℃


D) ceramic fiber loose rope (stainless steel wire or fiberglass reinforcement)

Specification: 13-50mm

temperature resisting: 800-1400℃


5. ceramic fiber strap, cannula

A)ceramic fiber strap (stainless steel wire or fiberglass reinforcement)


Width: 15mm-200mm (or produce according customers’ request)

Temperature resisting:800℃~1400℃


 B)ceramic fiber heat resisting cannula (stainless steel wire or fiberglass reinforcement) 

Diameter :13-100MM

Temperature resisting:800℃~1400℃


6. ceramic fiber making up product: produce according to customers’ request, for example: fireproofing curtain, fireproofing blanket, fireproofing glove, etc.



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