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Fiberglass Bulked Yarn Fabric

It is made of high temperature resistant fiberglass by expanding process and special technique.
Main capability:
1.it could be used under the temperature of -70-1000℃, also it could resists transient high temperature;
2.it resists ozone, oxygen, light seasoning and climate seasoning;
3.high intensity, high module, low shrinkage, non-heteromorphic;
4.flame resistant, good ability of insulating heat and holding temperature;
5.when the temperature exceeds its working temperature, it still has lingering intensity;
6.corrosion resistant.

Main application:

Fiberglass fabric of bulked yarn has great capability and it is widely used in such fields as steel-iron, electric energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, environment protection, cement, etc. it is suitable to use as enhancing material with high request on mechanical capability and for body protecting, e.g. generator system, soft joint of boiler and chimney, heat insulation of engine room, production of fireproofing curtain. This product is also used for system expiating of exhaust, air exchange, breathe, disposal of dust, exhaust gas; all kinds of coated basal fabric, temperature holding of boiler, pipeline knotting, etc.

Main specification:

Thickness: 0.5-5.0mm

Histological structure: twill, plain and satin weaving

Width: 840mm, 910mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, etc.

Fireproof grade: A Grade-noncombustible, GB8624-2006, Germany Grade DIN4102, A1 Grade (have passed the test of National Firefight Supervise Test Centre)

Standard: BS EN 1869:1997

Safe and environmentalistic: have passed the test of European SGS.



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