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Fiberglass Needle Felt


Fiberglass needle punched felt (heat-preserving mat, humidity maintaining tissue sound-insulating tissue and filtering mat)

Fiberglass needle punched felt is high grade air purification, heat insulation, heat preservation material which made of long fiberglass in a procedure that fiberglass firstly cut into certain length and then processed by thread distribution, fluff formation and pin stinging. It is a nontoxic inorganic material which does not contain any bond component, or without any odor (nonflammable, no smoke) compared to other traditional glass wool and wool product. It is soft and easy cutting, protecting poisoning for workers, so it is also a novel ideal environmental material among various heat preserving and muffle products.


Main capability and characteristics:

Fiberglass heat-preserving felt has the capability of high temperature resistant, good heat preserving, high acoustic absorption, high efficiency of tail gas clean-up, resistant to corrosion, wormy prevention, mildew proofing, low absorption rate, nice vibration resistance, fireproofing and light weight.


Main application:

Fiberglass needle punched felt is widely used in aircraft, military industry, and mechanical-electricity, metal melting, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, construction, transportation and other industries. It is suitable for temperature holding of cold-heat pipeline and entertainment sites; interlayer heat preservation, muffle system and fireproofing board of flight, car, ship truck, etc. and it is also an ideal tail gas cleaning-up and muffle material of car and motorbike. This product is used to be made into ceiling of truck, heat-resistant pad of engine top, fiberglass fireproofing-heat-resistant cotton, heat resistant and insulating blanket(used in oven), fiberglass heat-preserved cotton (household electrical appliances), fireproofing fiber felt(used in microwave oven), temperature-preserved heat insulation cotton and fireproofing heat insulating blanket (lamp-veneer heat insulating cushion).


Main specification:

Highest temperature resistant: 700℃ 

Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/M.K±0.005

Moisture absorbing rate: <5% 

Density: 110-220 kg/㎡ standard deviation: +15%~-10%

Thickness: 1-25mm (white); 25-50mm (yellow)

Width: 1050-2000mm


Product sorts: 

1. fiberglass needling felt (white), or joint with aluminum foil and fireproofing fabric on the surface;

2. fiberglass rock-cotton (yellow), or joint with aluminum foil and fireproofing fabric on the surface.

Safe and environmentalistic: have passed the test of European SGS ROHS;



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