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Glass Fiber Ceiling Film


Ceiling film has excellent fire resistance performance (attains A-level fire protection) and good light transmittance (up to 63%), closer to non-texture soft astigmatism, non-directional light source, has excellent light diffusion performance, and the transmitted light is close to Natural light source, through which you can make the light source softer and interpret a comfortable space. Therefore, it is widely used in hotels, administrative offices, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, baby rooms, TV stations, exhibition halls, museums and many other places as "high-quality fireproof lighting lampshades".


Main characteristic:

1. Fire resistant

2. Energy-saving

3. Bacteria resistant

4. Waterproof function

5. Colorful

6. Creativity

7. Easy to assemble

8. Age resistant

9. Safety and environmental

10. The acoustic effect  



★Administration, office building, commercial office building.

★ Industrial premises and hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, clinics.

★ Private residence, villa, apartment, bathroom, kitchen.

★ Schools, kindergartens, large lecture halls, computer rooms, Internet cafes, etc.

★ Sports venues, swimming pools, gymnasiums, billiard rooms, volleyball halls, basketball halls.

★ Churches, hotels, hotel lobbies, auditoriums, restaurants, bars, cafes, concert halls.

★ Brand stores: brand clothing stores, 4S auto stores, jewelry stores, etc.

★ Public places: shopping malls, theme parks, airports, subways, exchanges, museums, art galleries, libraries, art display stands, beauty salons, etc.

★ Model houses, clubs, leisure clubs, etc.



Thickness: 0.2mm,0.3mm and customized .

Width: max is 4.15m. 



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