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Silicone Board Silicone Fabric Of Solar Energy Laminated Machine

Silicone board, silicone fabric of solar energy laminated machine
Our company professionally produce kinds of silicone rubber board and silicone rubber fabric of solar energy. It is specially suitable for the solar energy industry. It has high intensity.

Silicone rubber board(silicone rubber fabric) is made by laminating& vulcanizing processing, this improves the density and active of surface, and it could resist and absorb acidic oxide, so it could improve the using age of silicone board(silicone fabric), improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.

Capability and characteristic: 

1). Good performance on resisting high temperature and low temperature, (the resistance of lowest temperature:-70℃ to highest temperature: 280℃); 

2). High strength: it is soft and ductile, could be tailored;

3). Good capability on chemical corrosion resistant, oil-proofing, waterproofing (washable);

4). Heat-aging and chemical-aging resistant, and preventing from ozone, oxygen and light;

5). High insulation performance, constant dielectric: 3-3.2, breakdown voltage20-50kv/mm.

Main specification: thickness: 2.0-10.0mm

Color: sliver grey, grey, red, black, green etc.



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