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Sun Shade Curtain


Fiberglass adumbral fabric (sun shade  curtain)

Fiberglass adumbral fabric (curtain), fireproof curtain manufactured by our company is different from various traditional curtain, which produced by special processing with technology of FEIFU Company in U.S. Such adumbral curtain could effectively prevent sunlight and ultraviolet to provide a satisfactory environment which is good for your healthy, by getting nature light, enhancing living quality and making your sight feel comfortable. In addition, it helps to decrease the losing of yellow light and wet which benefit the growth of indoor plant; prevents heat; one-way perspective characteristic will not only ensure privacy, but eyeshot.

The main capability and characteristic of adumbral fabric are: proofing chemical corrosion of acid, alkali, etc. resisting light-aging and weather problems; not bibulous, resist water; high strength of tensile; dust proofing, flame proofing, static and ultraviolet resistant; low coefficient of heating expansion and coldness shrink, proper meshes, good capability of permeating light, good fastness, non-move warp and woof, beautiful facade, easy to wash and durable.

This kind of adumbral curtain has been widely used abroad, in resent years, it has been spread well in our country either. It is well used in some hotel, office building, villa, advanced dwelling, car, rest sites, swimming pool, beach, etc.

The typical characteristic of fiberglass adumbral curtain is double effectively sparing energy:

1). Adumbral and heat insulation, effectively decrease load of air-conditioning up to 60%, and greatly save the energy;

2). Providing beautiful vision and ensure the indoor brightness.


The main specification:

Color: white, milk white, grey, white-grey, black, milk yellow, etc.

Density of warp and woof (piece/inch): 52x48, 60x16etc.

Histological structure: plain weaving, 2x2, 6x1, etc.

Diameter of thread: 0.011inch and 0.013 inch

Material: fiberglass coated with PVC, chemical fiber coated with PVC

Amount of plastic cover: 35%, 50%, 65%, 70%, etc.

Interval ratio: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, etc

Width range: 12-80inch



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