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Thin Fiberglass Textile Series

Thin fiberglass textile series is mainly made of thinner fiberglass yarn which with high technic, it uses special weaving machine by special process.
The main characteristics: the fabric is soft, has good flexility, good infiltration, good electrical insulation, high intensity and high mould, the optic of light and aging resistant are also good.
This kind of fabric is mainly used as raw material of electric, aviation, insulation, and coating fabric with high capability.

Thin fiberglass textile series

Our company could produce the thin fabric according customers' request, the thickness is between 0.0025-0.25mm.

Main sorts:


(thickness:0.025mm、0.03mm 、0.06mm、0.1mm、0.12mm、0.14mm、0.18mm、0.2mm、0.25mm)

Note: we could weave according customers’ request on thickness.



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