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Welding Blanket


Fireproof blanket (welding blanket)

It is made of fireproofing fiber with special process. Its main characteristics are: no burning, resisting high temperature (550-1100℃), tight frame, non thrill, soft texture and with tenacity, and it is convenient for tying up goods or equipment with unsmooth surface. Fireproofing blanket could well protect goods to keep away from fire to drastically insulate burning.

Fireproofing electric welding blanket is suitable to be used in the occasion with flame and easy to get on fire, it could keep out flame splashing, dissolve dregs, welding splashing solid to insulate fire danger which happen in the working place or jointing place; meanwhile, it could help to establish a safe, clean and criterion working environment.

It is an ideal preserving facility which suitable for fire protecting organization; even when using fire to do such construction as welding and cutting in public entertainment sites like large store, supermarket, hotel, it is very useful; with this product could directly reduce sparkle splashing and play the role of preventing and obstructing flammable or explosive dangers to insure human life security and intact assets.

It could be widely used in shipping industry for ship-frame structure and repair, and also in petrol-chemical industry for heatproof and insulation of metal structure or welding. It puts up excellent protecting adaptability.


Advice of using fireproofing blanket:

1. to increase the protecting efficiency, should use multilayer complex fireproofing blanket;

2. the fireproofing electric welding could get different efficiency by coated in different ways. For example, it has the capabilities of waterproofing, wearable, corrosion proofing, resisting oil, increasing the temperature and temperature holding time; customers should choose the suitable fireproofing blanket according to the frondoes using request;

3. cover the goods or equipment should choose the soft and with tenacity fireproofing blanket; if used to cover large goods or equipment, should choose large fireproofing blanket---cover sail fabric;

4. the electric welding whose thickness is smaller than 0.6mm should be used vertically to avoid the flame striking out the blanket, aclinic using should choose the blanket whose thickness is high than 0.6mm.


Main specifications:

1000x1000mm, 1000x1200mm, 1200x1500mm, etc. we could produce according to customers’ request on dimension;

Thickness: 0.4-3.0mm (the general one is 0.8mm), non-weaving fabric: 1.5mm, 3mm;

Temperature resistant: 550℃, 800℃, 1100℃;

Style: general one, back-process one;

Sorts: weaving fabric, non-weaving fabric;

Packing: red PVC sack or packing in roll;

Outer packing: carton; and we could pack according to customers’ request.



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