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A piece of "membrane" from Nanjing Fiberglass Institute wins China Patent Gold Award

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-26      Origin: Site

At the 21st China Patent Awards Conference held on November 11, 2020, Sinoma Science and Technology Nanjing Fiberglass Institute invented a high-permeability non-woven fabric coated filter material, its preparation method and its The laminating device used won the "Chinese Patent Gold Award", the highest honor in China's patent industry.

The China Patent Award is jointly launched by the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization and is held annually.

What is the magic of this gold medal-winning invention?

Non-woven fabric coated filter material with high air permeability, its preparation method, and its used film coating device.It is like a cylindrical sleeve with a yellowish color and a material similar to flannel. The mystery lies on the surface of this sleeve. If the sleeve is regarded as a piece of "cloth", their invention is to "paste" a layer of "film" with random micropores on the surface of this "cloth", the thickness of which is less than 20 microns, and the surface is covered with fine air permeability. hole. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, the addition of this "membrane" can filter 99.99% of PM2.5. This is the core component of the award-winning patent "non-woven membrane filter material".

soot emission

Glass fiber non-woven cloth coated filter material

In recent years, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, China's smoke and dust emission standards for cement, metallurgy, electric power, and chemical industries have become increasingly strict. Five years ago, Nanjing Fiberglass Institute received a request from a power plant in Shanxi to reduce the smoke and dust emission standard from 20 milligrams per cubic meter to 5 milligrams without large-scale equipment transformation. "At that time, whether it was foreign or domestic, only 10 to 15 mg emission standards could be achieved." The inventor said that the membrane material company decided to tackle this technical difficulty with this project. After repeated attempts and frustrations, the product was finally launched on the market in 2016, effectively solving the problems of low air permeability, serious membrane damage, and short service life of the existing membrane filter materials. In the on-site inspection of the power plant by the Environmental Protection Department of Shanxi Province, it was determined that the PM2.5 emission standard was only 2.3 mg per cubic meter, achieving zero emissions. In the more difficult cement industry, they further improved the coating materials and performance, achieving an emission of 5 mg per cubic meter, which is far below the national standard. According to estimates, if the cement industry adopts membrane filter products, 164,900 tons of dust can be reduced every year, saving about 380 million yuan in cost.

After four generations of continuous glass fiber filter material, glass fiber bulked yarn filter material, fiberglass needle felt filter material, and membrane filter material, it has been updated and replaced. At present, China's glass fiber products not only cover the domestic market, but the complete set of environmental protection dust removal equipment is also exported to the United States, Brazil, Germany, and other countries and regions. The overall environmental protection equipment is extremely competitive in the cement, metallurgy, electric power, and chemical industries.

fiberglass needle felt filter material

Fiberglass needle felt is an environmentally friendly and ideal filter material. It is a recyclable, highly air-permeable filter material with high deformation and resilience rate, strong, easy to use, and easy to process. It also has the characteristics of good elasticity, good recovery performance, stable size, wears resistance, large gaps, and good dust removal effect. Composite needle felt is often used in industrial filtration, cleaning supplies, medical and other fields. It is not only environmentally friendly but also has a better filtration effect. It is an ideal filter material.

The fiberglass needled felt is a thin fiber cloth with interlaced fibers and uniformly distributed gaps using a non-woven needling process. Post-processing made. It has large porosity, good air permeability, extremely wide applications, and strong chemical resistance. It can not only filter room temperature gas, but also filter corrosive gas containing acid and alkali, and can filter water and oil under normal temperature conditions. Ideal filter material for liquid-solid separation and other fields.

High-Temperature Resistant And Filtering Felt

FSD's fiberglass needle punched felt, its price is lower than other fiber, is an ideal filter material. We also provide high-temperature resistant filter felts such as aramid fiber needle-punched felt and glass fiber composite filter felt.

glass fiber composite filter felt

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