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Application of glass fiber in building construction

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-10      Origin: Site

Fiberglass fabric is often used in composite reinforcement materials, and electrical insulation materials and thermal insulation materials are widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, wind power and other industries. Let's take a brief look at the application of glass fiber in the construction industry.The following are several common glass fiber application forms.

Fiberglass mesh fabric

On wall reinforcement materials (such as fiberglass wall covering, GRC wall panel, EPS internal and external wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.)

Nowadays, many construction companies are standardized. It is necessary to lay fiberglass mesh fabric for the first time before painting, which can increase the crack resistance coefficient of the wall, such as small cracks like thermal expansion and contraction. Except for the larger cracks caused by the overall sinking of the wall, 90% of the small cracks can be prevented.

Fiberglass mesh fabric

Fiberglass fabric

In terms of construction, fiberglass fabric cloth is similar to fiberglass mesh, except that fiber cloth is used on the surface, which has high aesthetics, is strong and moisture-proof, and is non-flammable. It is worth mentioning that the glass fiber cloth commonly used in the renovation of old houses in Europe. In order to protect their own architectural history and culture, the old houses are not demolished. The stone-built houses have undergone hundreds of years of historical baptism, with internal ceilings and walls. Has long been aging and cracked. The use of this glass fiber cloth can shield the degree of cracking and can also effectively prevent the stair fragments from falling off during an earthquake, reducing casualties. Fiberglass cloth also has a variety of surface texture effects that can enhance the texture of the wall.

Fiberglass fabric

Glass fiber cotton

Fireproof and thermal insulation, glass fiber spraying has the three characteristics of fireproof, thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, which can solve multiple problems at the same time and reduce repeated construction. It is suitable for the surface of any building shape, especially for the surface of complex structure and special-shaped structure, maintaining the original structure of the building. No joints, good airtightness, and can improve the overall energy saving effect. It is often used in the walls of buildings to provide heat preservation, sound insulation and fire prevention.


Wall sound insulation material

FSD 's glass fiber manufacturing technology has made the fiber thinner and longer. The curing is more uniform and moderate. Makes the overall structural strength of FSD glass wool higher. Excellent tensile and seismic performance. The ultra-thin and long fibers make our glass wool have richer pores and more difficult-to-flow bubble structure. It makes it more difficult for both heat flow and sound to pass through. So as to achieve more efficient heat preservation and sound absorption performance. Pure natural plant adhesive detergent and ultra-fine long fiber. Glass wool feels soft and comfortable. No itching stimulation, greatly improving the comfort of construction and installation efficiency. Glass fiber cotton can be resistant to water penetration for a long time. Effectively resist the adverse effects of moisture in the environment on thermal insulation performance.


Building Membrane

Architectural membrane material, membrane structure is a new form of architectural structure, it integrates architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemicals and materials science, computer technology, etc., has a high technical content. The curved surface can be arbitrarily changed according to the architect's design needs, and combined with the overall environment, the iconic image project can be constructed. Under the sunlight, the interior of the building covered by the film is full of natural diffused light, and there is no strong contrast between the light surface and the shadow. The indoor visual environment is open and harmonious. At night, the lights in the building illuminate the night sky through the membrane of the roof, and the shape of the building shows a fantastic effect.

Building Membrane

Glass fiber reinforced cement

Wear goggles and gloves when stirring. You only need to use the wall on the surface, no need to apply it in the gaps between the bricks when building the wall. It is faster and more beautiful than traditional masonry and cement buildings. Both structural and non-structural are more robust. And has a more solid foundation or step. Glass fiber reinforced cement, glass fiber reinforcement, does not rust, does not conduct electricity, is resistant to magnetic waves, corrosion, easy to cut, and has high strength. It is often used in subway construction. Stir and mix together to make building prefabricated slabs, which can also be used to make reflector materials and cast into synthetic stone slabs.

Fiberglass windows

During installation, fiberglass windows maintain squareness and level and resist deformation and distortion. This is a common problem with other types of window installation. It is very strong, so it is resistant to scratches, dents and impact, and its strength is not affected by time and temperature. Moderate thermal expansion Since the FRP frame is basically made of glass fiber and resin, the expansion and contraction of the frame is small.

Fiberglass adumbral fabric (curtain), fireproof curtain manufactured by our company is different from various traditional curtain, which produced by special processing with technology of FEIFU Company in U.S. Such adumbral curtain could effectively prevent sunlight and ultraviolet to provide a satisfactory environment which is good for your healthy, by getting nature light, enhancing living quality and making your sight feel comfortable. In addition, it helps to decrease the losing of yellow light and wet which benefit the growth of indoor plant; prevents heat; one-way perspective characteristic will not only ensure privacy, but eyeshot.


Fiberglass tape

Fiberglass tape can also be used to fit the gap created by the decoration wall when the lightweight partition wall gypsum board is closed to prevent later cracking.

Fiberglass tape

Glass fiber coating

General building surfaces, roads, and bridges are sprayed with microfiber spray material to achieve the waterproof effect.

The application of FRP in the field of construction includes lighting, sanitation, decoration, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, civil engineering, electrical, tooling, building reinforcement, and the application of FRP on bridges, cooling towers, building structures, and enclosure structures. , Indoor equipment and decorative parts, glass steel plates, corrugated tiles, saunas, surfing baths, building construction templates, storage buildings, and solar energy utilization devices, etc.

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