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Application of glass wool for building insulation

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-31      Origin: Site

Glass fiber insulation cotton is currently mainly used in the interior wall compartments,fiberglass ceilings tiles of various high-end buildings,the insulation of the iron sheet duct or the inner wall of the bellows, the sound absorption and noise reduction in the machine room etc, have broad application prospects. 

The raw material of glass fiber wool is glass, which is non-conductive, so it has quite high insulation and preservative. Glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid and has strong corrosion resistance, even if it is used for a long time, its functional characteristics will not be reduced. Good resilience. The glass fiber contains countless fixed air pockets, has excellent resilience, is not afraid of any shock and vibration, and has high tensile strength. Does not absorb water. The moisture absorption rate of glass fiber is usually close to zero, so there is no need to worry about water swelling and moisture cracking.

Heat insulation and sound insulation of fiberglass duct board

It is suitable for heat preservation and sound insulation of various air-conditioning ducts and other ducts of different specifications. The surface can be pasted with aluminum foil and other veneers. It has an excellent heat preservation effect, light bulk density, flame retardancy, vibration resistance, and sound absorption. For example, fiberglass duct board, fiberglass pipe insulation, fiberglass tube.

Fiberglass ceilings tiles

Fiberglass ceilings tiles are specifically designed to provide beautiful sound-absorbing ceiling solutions. At the same time create a healthy and comfortable space. Good sound absorption, antibacterial and mildew proof, fireproof durability, corrosion resistance, and simple construction. It is a practical and beautiful sheet product used in building decoration, which can improve the building environment, play a good decorative role, and provide people with quiet and comfortable environmental conditions. Compared with ordinary ceilings, it has great application advantages. Fiberglass sound-absorbing panels are mainly used in KTV, stadiums, supermarkets, shopping malls, studios, auditoriums, and other places where there are more people and high requirements for sound. It can not only absorb excess sound but also play a role in heat preservation, fire protection, and flame retardancy. Achieve multiple effects.

Fiberglass ceiling

And it will not produce any smoke or burning drips when a fire occurs, and the glass fiber cotton board ceiling will not breed bacteria and fungi. In an indoor environment, it is not subject to humidity and temperature fluctuations and maintains dimensional stability. Healthy and safe, comfortable space. Simple and quick installation mode, saving 50% of working hours, glass fiber ceiling suspended ceiling is lightweight, convenient for transportation and loading and unloading.

In addition to the application of glass fiber in the indoor partition and thermal insulation, it also has multiple properties such as thermal insulation in the application of other indoor materials. It is widely used to achieve extraordinary effects and has unique advantages.

Glass wool used for steel structure insulation

fiberglass pipe insulation has the characteristics of good insulation and sound absorption effect, low engineering cost, short construction period, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, ensuring the health of the construction personnel, and beautiful appearance. 

fiberglass pipe insulation

Fiberglass rod

Also referred to as fiberglass poles, reinforcing materials such as continuous roving of glass fiber and glass fiber mat are pultruded by a pultrusion machine, impregnated with resin through a resin bath, and then molded through a performing mold that maintains a certain cross-sectional shape. And through the metal mold heating and solidification, cooling, and automatic cutting, a process of continuous production of glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles.

The strength of glass fiber rods is high, similar to that of steel. It is four times that of ordinary plastic and has a service life of 20 years. Insulation does not conduct electricity and is used to make insulators, which can still maintain good dielectric properties at high frequencies. Corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, maintenance-free, is an ideal thermal protection and ablation resistance material. Anti-theft: As the glass fiber rods cannot be recycled and sold, the possibility of theft by criminals is reduced.

Fiberglass rods are widely used, and can also be used in flagpoles, awnings, tents, curtains, benchmarking poles, exhaust fan columns, car antennas, construction, bridge reinforcement, mechanical drive shafts, golf clubs, courtyard fences, kite frames, umbrella frames, brackets Carpet skeleton, airplane model skeleton, luggage skeleton, fishing gear accessories, etc. Especially in a corrosive environment, it is an ideal product to replace steel and other materials.

Fiberglass rod

A fiberglass duct is a hollow cylindrical glass wool product made of high-quality glass fiber resin through an automated tube and shell production line. The surface can be covered with various water vapor permeable veneers required, suitable for various Various types of hot and cold pipes hide the heat preservation of the exposed pipes, heat insulation performance, extrusion resistance, and excellent impact resistance.

The inner wall of the composite fiberglass duct is made of glass cloth, and the surface roughness is 0.2mm. In the general air conditioning system ventilation duct, the resistance along the way only accounts for about 10% of the local resistance. Therefore, the increased ventilation resistance of the glass fiber duct is less than 1%, and the effect on the entire duct system is not obvious and can be basically ignored. 

Features and advantages of glass fiber insulation cotton

  • Glass fiber thermal insulation cotton has good thermal insulation performance, and its thermal conductivity is about 0.03. The glass fiber of glass fiber thermal insulation cotton has countless small air holes and the fibers are irregularly arranged. It can effectively strengthen the thermal insulation effect of thermal insulation cotton.

  • Glass fiber insulation cotton has the advantages of being non-flammable and non-deformation. After testing, it is found that glass fiber insulation cotton can withstand high temperatures above 700 degrees. It is used on various wall surfaces. It has good flame retardant and fireproof performance and can effectively avoid high softening and deformation problems appearing under the product does not contain any adhesive ingredients during production, and there is no pungent odor during the production process. It is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material and will not produce pungent smoke even at high temperatures.

  • The product has good insulation properties and can be applied to various circuit boards without conductive problems.

  • The glass fiber insulation cotton has excellent storability. It will not be affected by any shock and vibration. It can be used in various high-strength work scenarios. The tensile strength of the insulation cotton is tested to be above 1.0kg.

  • Glass fiber insulation cotton has the advantage of a low moisture absorption rate, which is usually close to 0%. It is a kind of insulation material with very good waterproof performance.

glass wool

Precautions for the use of glass fiber insulation cotton

  • Before construction, glass fiber insulation cotton should be installed for all kinds of pipelines, air ducts, and other equipment on the wall before acceptance.

  • During construction, if part of the damage is caused by mechanical collision, it needs to be repaired in time.

  • The construction environment must be clean before construction to avoid problems such as dust and pollution.

  • During construction, relevant construction personnel must wear masks and safety protection tools in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national labor protection regulations.

  • It is also necessary to perform a simple treatment on the base wall before construction. The base wall must be free of dust, oil, and protrusions before construction.

  • Generally, the average temperature suitable for the construction of glass fiber insulation cotton should be about 25 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should be less than 60%, which can be adjusted according to different environments and the thickness of the insulation cotton.

  • The thickness of the glass fiber insulation cotton is different, and the drying and curing time is about 24 to 72 hours. Other construction procedures such as decoration need to wait for the glass fiber insulation cotton to be completely cured before proceeding.

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