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Excellent high-temperature insulation silicone rubber-coated fiberglass fabric

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Silicone coated fiberglass fabric is made of temperature-resistant, anti-corrosion, high-strength glass fiber cloth as the base material, and is compounded by silicone rubber through a special process. It is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite material.

Silicone rubber-coated glass fiber cloth, surface-coated silicone glass fiber cloth is calendered or impregnated with silicone rubber. It is a new high-performance, multi-purpose composite material product. For example, high-purity alkali-free glass fiber is used to the woven fire-proof sleeve, high-temperature resistant sleeve, and the outer wall of the pipe is coated with organic silica gel.

Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeve

Features of silicone rubber fiberglass

It is a polymer and elastomer with excellent heat aging resistance and high insulation performance.

Excellent thermal conductivity to meet various heat dissipation requirements.

Excellent electrical insulation performance to meet various electrical insulation requirements.

High-temperature resistance, even at a temperature of 1600°C, it can maintain excellent performance for 15 seconds.

It is friendly and comfortable to the human body, and it is coated with polymer materials to reduce human discomfort caused by high-temperature materials during processing.

The process is simple and efficient, and adhesive or thermal compounding can be used.

Material advantages of silicone rubber fiberglass

It can replace silicone grease to eliminate the difficult problem of silicone grease removal.

It can replace the ceramic substrate and mica to solve the problem of easy cracking.

The high silica glass fiber cloth is coated with polyurethane material, which can improve the wear resistance and meet the requirements of cutting and sewing.

Silicone rubber is used as the matrix, and the texture is soft, and it is easy to deform after being pressed to ensure that the gap is filled.

Replace ceramic substrates and mica to solve the problem of easy cracking.

The glass fiber support net can meet the requirements of working cutting and punching.

Application fields of silicone rubber fiberglass

Electrical insulation: silicone-impregnated fiberglass cloths has a higher electrical insulation level, can withstand high voltage loads, and can be made into insulating cloth, casing, and other products.


Non-metallic compensator: Silicone cloth can be used as a flexible connection device for pipelines. It can solve the damage of thermal expansion and contraction to the pipeline. Silicone coated fiberglass fabric has high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, good elasticity, and flexibility, Widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy

Source and other fields.

Anti-corrosion aspect: Silicone rubber-coated glass fiber cloth can be used as a pipeline, internal and external anti-corrosion layer for storage, with excellent anti-corrosion performance and high strength, it is an ideal anti-corrosion material.

Temperature resistance: as a fire blanket, fire curtain, temperature resistance, and flame retardant material.

Other fields: Silicone rubber-coated glass fiber membrane structural materials can be used in building sealing materials, high-temperature anti-corrosion conveyor belts, packaging materials, and other fields.

As a temperature-resistant, anti-corrosion conveyor belt, such as shoe materials.

It has been widely used in aerospace, chemical, petroleum, large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, metallurgy, electrical insulation, construction, and other fields.

How to distinguish acrylic paint tube and silicone rubber fiberglass casing

It can be judged by the cut point as follows: when you scrape the cut with your fingernail, the silicone rubber sleeve is more flexible, and the cut is twisted; while the propionate sleeve is more slippery when scraped with your nail. When the nail is pulled hard, fine particles will fall off, and when the silicone rubber is pulled with the nail, the filament will appear.

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