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FSD analysis what are advantages of sea based cloth?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-26      Origin: Site

(1) the environmental protection Heikib:

Fiberglass wallcovering is all natural composite decorative material is composed of a rubber paint, wall and combination of these three, it caters to the modern society the pursuit of health, environmental protection, safety, perfect the trend,all of the use of harmless raw materials through the manufacturing process of high-tech and become, with elegant decorative effect and excellent performance.

(2) the fire of Heikib:

Class a fire: natural not ignite, safety and non-toxic universally acknowledged

(3) Heikki cloth scrub resistance:

Waterproof fiberglass wallcovering is a be hardly worthy of belief, the secret is: it contains molecular waterproof film, confers resistance to wash, clean and convenient characteristics of the fiber cloth. Fiberglass wallcovering is resistant to wash 20000 times above.

(4) Heikib, good air permeability, anti mildew:

Free breathing wall: hitherto unknown ventilation gap between the quartz fiberlines and has good air permeability, and specifically for supporting the glue andpaint with water molecules through. Thus, with fiberglass wallcovering wall, evenin humid conditions, moisture is also very easy to spread, to ensure that the wall is not moldy, do not change color.

(5) Heikki cloth anti cracking: fiberglass wallcovering glue and paint is specialized in the development, has the very high anti impact strength; and as the quartz fiber woven fabric fiberglass wallcovering, its toughness can also serve to prevent the emergence of protective effect of cracks, wall wall rupture; and, asHe Kunchong and bacteria to feel helpless quartz material, fiberglass wallcovering is born with insect bites and function.

(6) the sea based deployment corrosion:

Because the fiber wallhanging using natural quartz material, has the natural acid resistance and alkali resistance, together with the supporting of the glue andpaint are stable acid resistance and alkali resistance, therefore, the possibility ofsurface coatings under any chemical cleaning agent corrosion, whether the use of acidic or alkaline detergents, can safely go cleaning accidentally touch thedirty walls.

(7) Heikib stereoscopic pattern variety:

Fiberglass wallcovering is rich in textile pattern, can provide a variety of options:surface each kind of fiberglass wallcovering will show different uneven texture, full of warm and touch texture and three-dimensional sense. Specialized support forfiberglass wallcovering color variety, they can be changed into the infinite rich color world, like painting as a unique and charming, all can let you take one's ease to play, to express individuality.

(8) Heikki cloth does not fall off:

Fiber cloth together with purple wind tight coating and adhesive, coating andadhesive will seep into the fibrous tissue, not the general appearance of paint and wallpaper often prone to falling off or open problems

(9) Heikki cloth is safe and non-toxic:

All decoration materials production according to the highest standards of safety in production in the European Union, the most fundamental is absolutely non-toxic tasteless.

(10) Heikki cloth easy maintenance:

The user can complete the DIY themselves, if damaged, can be optionally splicedrepair.

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