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For customers to "buy rest assured that with the peace of mind", insulation engineering manager repeatedly come to visit

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-26      Origin: Site

1, material inspection, the thickness of the main components of raw materials not up to standard requirements, such as seat board requires 3.0mm thickness steel plate, some manufacturers are using the 1.0mm thickness of steel plate, this will lead to insufficient stiffness of the base plate, easy extrusion. 

2, rail inspection, most manufacturers of parallelism error and vertical error does not meet the standard requirements, resulting in the middle of the gap is large, fire and smoke measures to lose the effect. 

3, Block board examination, some manufacturers of fire shutter can not contact with the ground, the event of fire, the flame will be between the floor and to other parts of the base plate from the fire spread from the site, can not effectively prevent the spread of fire, smoke, would not achieve fire separation effect. 

4, fire shutter manufacturer ubiquitous no drawings. Enterprises in order to save time, most of the openings in accordance with the size, site assembly and installation, do not draw the drawings, resulting in poor quality of the installation. 

Quality problems caused by the above reasons are many, but the most important are: 

1, the installation team low quality level is not high, especially in order to catch the temporary deployment schedule installation personnel, resulting in an unstable installation quality. Therefore, all enterprises should increase installation team building, improve their installation level, to improve product quality goals. 

2, the production companies can not draw a drawing based on the actual situation of the project, and the organization of production and installation. 

In this regard, companies should be drawn based on the actual situation of production quality engineering drawings and shutter to control, and should be installed to increase team building, improve the installation level, to improve product quality.

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