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High temperature resistant fiberglass-fiberglass bulked yarn

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What is fiberglass bulked yarn?

Bulk yarn is made by puffing alkali-free or medium-alkali glass fiber. It is made by blending two kinds of fibers with different shrinkage rates into yarn. Then the yarn is treated in steam or hot air or boiling water. At this time, the shrinkage rate is high. The fiber shrinks greatly and is located in the center of the yarn, and the mixed low-shrinkage fiber, due to its small shrinkage, is squeezed on the surface of the yarn to form a loop, thereby obtaining a bulky, plump and elastic bulky yarn.

Main features of bulked yarn

Bulk yarn has both the high strength of continuous long fibers and the bulkiness of short fibers, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance and corrosion resistance.

bulked yarn glass fiber cloth

Advantages of bulked yarn glass fiber cloth

  • It can be used between low temperature -70℃ and high temperature between 1000℃, and can withstand instantaneous high temperature.

  • The dust removal rate is high, and it is widely used in industries that require dust removal such as cement, electric power, and steel.

  • Good fire and heat insulation performance. Excellent material for welding blanket and fireproof blanket.

  • Resistance to ozone, oxygen, light and weathering. preservative.

  • High strength, high modulus, low shrinkage and no deformation.

Application of bulked yarn

Bulk yarn is often used for exhaust, ventilation, breathing, dust, exhaust gas system discharge; various coating substrates, boiler insulation, pipe knotting, etc.

Dust removal effect

The temperature, humidity, dust concentration, chemical composition and particle size distribution of the flue gas dust produced by different dust points, and the composition and content of harmful gases in the flue gas are not the same. The glass fiber bulk yarn filter cloth bag has a good dust removal effect. The dust removal efficiency is high, up to 99.5% or more.

Filtration effect

In terms of filtration, compared with continuous fiber filter cloth, bulked yarn filter cloth has significantly improved filtering performance. Due to the structural characteristics of continuous fiber filter cloth, the airflow can hardly pass through the twisted yarns, but can only pass through the holes of the warp and weft yarns. In order to ensure the air permeability of the fabric, the holes of the yarns are generally larger, and the filtering speed should not be too high, otherwise it will be easily filtered. 

Such as carbon black filtration, exhaust, ventilation, breathing, dust, exhaust system emissions. Since the 1960s, the industry has used glass fiber filter bags to recover carbon black from flue gas. Because glass fiber has a series of characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-absorption, non-stretching, and good dust peeling, it has been through the fabric structure and Continuous research and improvement in surface treatment and other aspects.

In addition to this,in terms of glass fiber filter materials, we also provide complex filtering felt with fiberglass, fiberglass needle punched felt and aramid fiber needle punched felt. Specially designed for high temperature filtration. For example,the complex filtering felt with fiberglass basic on metamax and FMS, we do research and production of complexed filtering felt with fiberglass, metamax and teflon for the dust remove machine of steel blast furnace gas and pulse gas box, this product is more suitable for dust remove of high temperature gas, it is mainly made of p84 fiber and other thin fiber. It could resist high temperature of 200-280℃, and it is also wearable, compared to other complex fiber felt, it use the way of air current and avoid metal rub, thickness odds, so the error of thickness is within 30g/m2, by this the price could be well controled, so this product is very popular with customers.


Fabric structure of glass fiber filter material

The air permeability and filtration efficiency of glass fiber filter materials are closely related to their fabric structure. The fabric structure is divided into three categories: twill, satin, and weft.

In the dust-containing flue gas, the same fabric structure, the air permeability of the glass fiber texturized yarn filter material is higher than that of the continuous glass fiber filter material, and the glass fiber needled felt material has the highest air permeability.

The thickness of the glass fiber filter material (sometimes measured by the mass per unit area) will determine the breaking strength of the filter material and the filter wind speed used, as well as the alkali-free continuous glass fiber filter material and the alkali-free glass fiber bulked yarn filter material The radial breaking strength.

In addition to its superior filtering and dust removal effects, bulked yarn is widely used in steel, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection, cement and other fields due to its strong properties of glass fiber fabric. It is suitable for use as a reinforcing material with higher requirements for mechanical properties for soft connection of generators, boilers and chimneys, heat insulation of engine rooms, production of fire curtains and other human protection. It can also be used as glass fiber filter cloth, glass fiber curtain, etc.

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