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The construction method of fire insulation materials

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2014-07-29      Origin: Site

1 inorganic insulation material configuration (the following explanation to WW thermal insulation material as an example)

According to different regions, different season, different climate, differentcharacteristics of air humidity, different base wall materials according to the "WW"inorganic insulation material and water weight about 1.5:1 ratio, placed the blender 3 - 5 minutes to reach the appropriate operation can be. The initial setting time in 2 hours.

The use of 2 inorganic thermal insulation materials

The first base wall washed clean and moist after (if concrete smooth wall need toone day in advance do conventional interface mortar flinging pulp processing),mix "WW" thermal insulation material directly wipe on a base layer wall body or onthe cement mortar. The first times to uniform and compact the wall thickness is mainly covered, master in 10 mm or so, when the water content of the materialagain in about 50%, can be second times the smearing, smearing thickness can master between 10 - 20 mm until it reaches the design requirements of thickness.To achieve bonding firm, no hollowing, no crack.

The general insulation material thickness can be disposable smearing ofconstruction can be completed in 20 mm -25mm, insulation material thickness can be two times the smearing can be completed in 30 mm -40mm, can also according to 1 within the 2 composite insulation. The whole processes arecompleted on the same day, seven days can tile adhesive, ten days to paint finishes. Construction time limit for a project to save more than half than anyother insulation system. Province, province, province time process cost, short construction period, high efficiency.

3 quality inspection

The base wall to reach the requirements of relevant standards, the thickness of the insulation layer and the structural approach should comply with the design requirements, between each structural layer must Nianjie solid, no delamination,no hollowing, no crack phenomenon. Holes, trunking, line box, pipeline wall needpost processing site should be: accurate size, neat edge, line angle and the gray line flattened side, clear and beautiful.

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