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What is Fiberglass cloth?

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What is Fiberglass cloth? Fiberglass cloth is the base material of hand-laid glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is a plain weave fabric. The main strength depends on the warp and weft direction of the fabric. If the strength in the warp or weft direction is high, it can be woven into a unidirectional cloth. In fact, glass fiber cloth is real, and its role is not small, and it has been widely used in many fields.

 Fiberglass cloth


The characteristics of fiberglass cloth are mainly related to its own chemical properties, and mainly have the following characteristics:

It has good weather resistance, it can be used between minus 196 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius, and the properties of the fabric will not change.

It is non-adhesive. In the process of using glass fiber cloth, we will not find that it adheres to some other substances, which is also a difference between it and other fabrics.

preservative. Resistant to aqua regia, strong acid, strong alkali, and organic solvents. Because the Fiberglass cloth is chemically stable, under normal circumstances, it will not affect its material distribution, even strong acids, strong alkalis, or even corrosive solvents such as aqua regia will not affect it.

The coefficient of friction is low. Because of its low coefficient of friction, glass fiber cloth can achieve very lubricating effect without using any lubricant.

High light transmittance. The light transmittance of Fiberglass cloth can reach 6% to 10%.

Strong insulation. Glass fiber cloth has high insulation, and can also effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation and prevent static electricity to a certain extent.

Strong resilience. Good mechanical properties and high strength. In industrial production, we use glass fiber cloth because it has strong toughness and is not easy to break. Fiberglass cloth has strong tensile properties, which can effectively prevent the wall from cracking, and it can also prevent the growth of microorganisms and bacteria on the wall.

Strong drug resistance. Anti-ultraviolet and anti-static.

Glass fiber cloth has a good covering function, which can ensure the uniformity of surface structure and color.

The open space of the glass fiber fabric structure is conducive to the natural diffusion of water vapor and promotes the adjustment of indoor climate.

The non-smooth fabric surface of glass fiber fabric can reduce noise.

The fiberglass cloth can be reused and is environmentally friendly.

Use of fiberglass cloth

The scope of use of fiberglass cloth is very wide. Today I will focus on its industrial use.

The basic material of glass fiber fabric is alkali-free glass fiber yarn, and its production process is generally made of reinforced lubricants. Because glass fiber cloth has the advantages of good insulation performance and high temperature resistance, it is an indispensable insulation binding material for motors and electricity. It can make the motor obtain superior insulation performance, extend the service life of the motor, reduce the volume and reduce the weight.

The glass fiber fabric is white, smooth and undamaged. It is a good insulating material, mainly used in shipbuilding, building anti-corrosion, etc., communication cables and electrical appliances, etc. It is also a good glass fiber reinforced plastic substrate. Our factory produces high flame retardant, insulating, alkali-free glass fiber cloth tape, suitable for, Cable winding flame-retardant insulation, pipe insulation, and various electromechanical insulation and flame-retardant effects, with high strength, low density, excellent insulation and other characteristics. It is suitable for the insulation of pipelines, the heat-insulating coating of heaters and freezers, fire-resistant enclosures, cable winding filling and insulating protective layers, etc. Heat resistance: 350℃~500℃ This product is used for mica product base cloth, varnished cloth base cloth, FRP base cloth, etc. It is widely used in various fields of national economy such as cables, wires, electromechanical, aerospace, automobiles, yachts, etc.

In the construction industry, fiberglass cloth is mainly used in the design of kitchens, fences and decorative panels. It can help us decorate our homes better.

In the petrochemical industry, we often use glass fiber cloth to make pipes and storage tanks for storage of strong acid and alkali materials. This is also the application of its stable chemical properties.

In addition, fiberglass cloth is also used by some manufacturers to produce tennis rackets and swimming pools.

In addition to the use of fiberglass cloth in civil engineering, it can also be used to cover old walls, prevent wall cracks, and reinforce walls; in addition, fiberglass cloth can be used to reinforce roads, water, and environmental protection projects. , Protection, isolation, drainage, etc.; glass fiber cloth can also be used as inorganic air ducts, inorganic thermal insulation chicken houses, flue panels, etc.

We produce a variety of fiberglass cloth including steel wire reinforced fireproof clothhigh-strength glass fiber textileglass fiber flame retardant decorative fabricfiberglass texturized yarnaerospace fabrics,etc.

Because glass fiber fabric is used very frequently in our lives and industries closely related to life, it is very necessary for everyone to properly understand the characteristics of glass fiber cloth.

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