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What is aluminum foil fiberglass cloth?

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What is aluminum foil fiberglass cloth?

The aluminum foil fiberglass cloth adopts a unique advanced composite technology and is compounded with aluminum foil. It has a smooth surface, high light reflectivity, high tensile strength in vertical and horizontal directions, airtight, watertight, and good sealing performance. Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is mainly used for heat preservation materials of heating and cooling materials, equipment pipes, rock wool for building noise and sound insulation, and the outer protective layer of ultra-fine glass fiber reinforced plastics. It is also suitable for moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-corrosion packaging materials for export equipment.

What are the main characteristics of aluminum foil composite glass fiber cloth?

The corrosion resistance is greatly improved: the surface of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, and the corrosion resistance is greatly improved. At the same time, the polyethylene hot-air pasting method is adopted, and no composite adhesive is required, which avoids the hidden danger of corrosion and mildew on the aluminum foil surface caused by the residual moisture or solvent of the adhesive during the composite process.

Direct hot pressing and compounding, eliminating the need for compound adhesives and saving the cost of veneer compounding.

The water vapor permeability is smaller, and the water vapor barrier effect is strengthened: the heat-sealed polyethylene layer in the middle of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is thicker than the general veneer, and the water vapor permeability is smaller, so the water vapor barrier effect is better and the glass is reliably protected Thermal insulation materials such as cotton.

aluminum foil fabric

Better tensile strength and firmer veneer: Glass fiber cloth aluminum foil has higher mechanical strength than reinforced aluminum foil, and is more suitable for online bonding in glass wool factories, rock wool factories, and mineral wool factories.

The veneer is smoother, reducing the chance of surface damage to the aluminum foil: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil has a finer cloth, thick polyethylene layer, smoother veneer, and the surface of the aluminum foil is not susceptible to frictional damage, so it has a better water vapor barrier function .

Use of aluminum foil glass fiber cloth

It is a necessary raw material for the manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers, and a necessary raw material for the distribution department of insulation materials.

Aluminum foil fabric suitable for the splicing of pipe seals, heat insulation and water vapor barrier of HVAC ducts, heating and cooling water pipes, especially for pipe sealing in the shipbuilding industry. The demand for heat insulation and water vapor barrier of cold and warm water pipes, fixation, anti-electronic interference, isolation of electromagnetic waves, heat preservation of various equipment in the engineering industry and electronics.

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tape is widely used for explosion-proof adhesive surfaces of stoves, and large-scale air duct heat preservation veneers.

In industry, such as the protective wrapping of various chemical pipelines, such as the protective packaging of petroleum transportation pipelines, neat pipelines, steam pipelines and other chemical equipment. Because these pipes need to have anti-corrosion, flame-retardant, and heat-insulating effects on the connected parts, and the time is longer, the effect is better, aluminum foil fiberglass sleeve is a good choice. Therefore, it is often used as a moisture-proof, anti-fog, and anti-corrosion packaging material for export equipment.

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