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What is the Fire Blanket?

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What is the Fire Blanket?

The fire blanket is mainly made of fireproof and non-combustible glass fiber by a special process. The fire blanket are non-combustible, high-temperature resistant, soft and ductile. Therefore, the glass fiber fire blanket can be used to extinguish open fires when put over uneven surfaces and objects as the fire blanket blocks out the air.

The fire blanket can protect people from the fire and sparks and smother the fire.

The fire blanket can prevent objects from direct contact with sparks, which is especially important for the ignition of flammable and explosive objects. The fiber blanket can stop the fire at an early stage and serve as protective equipment when escaping. With the pest-proof performance, the blanket allows for long-term uses, suitable for applications at home, offices, supermarkets and gas stations.

For the laser cutting and welding processes, fire blankets prevent damages to the workbench and the floor by sparks and welding slag.

fire blanket types

Household fire blanket

It can stop the household appliance from burning and put out a kitchen fire at the initial stage because it serves as a barrier that keeps the oxygen away from the ignited objects hence avoid the spread of the fire. In the event of a fire not being extinguished, the fire blanket can be used to shield  yourself. Just cover yourself or the target to be saved with the fire blanket and escape the fire scene as soon as possible. A fire blanket is an effective tool that reduces the risk of getting burnt. 

Household fire blanket

Thanks to its excellent performance, the fire blanket is suitable for use in family kitchens, elderly rooms, school dormitories, hospital wards, entertainment venues, hotels, high-rise commercial and residential buildings, nursing homes, children's homes, residential communities, factory dormitories, shopping centres, internet cafes, cars, petrol stations, temples, etc.

Large fireproofing blanket (The fire blanket for large cargo and equipment):

Large fireproofing blanket

cover the goods or equipment should choose the soft and with tenacity fireproofing blanket; if used to cover large goods or equipment, should choose large fireproofing blanket---cover sail fabric; aclinic using should choose the blanket whose thickness is high than 0.6mm.

How To use a fire blanket?

In the beginning stage of a fire, place the fire blanket on the burning objects. The fire will stop without oxygen. Wrapping yourself with the fire blanket to shield yourself when escaping as the blanket is heat and fire-resistant.


  1. In the beginning stage of the fire, you should pull the two black tabs and hold the fire blanket out quickly.

  2. Shake to stretch the fire blanket and hold it to shield you against the fire.

  3. Put the fire blanket straight over the ignited objects and do not take it off and leave the scene for a good hour or so to prevent reignition.

  4. The fire blanket can be used repeatedly if not broken.

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