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What kind of fabric to use for sun shade curtain?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-27      Origin: Site

The factors that need to be considered in the selection of sunshade curtains are the shading property,  If it is necessary to completely shade, such as the privacy of a bedroom, you need to choose a cloth with good shading, usually thicker materials or tightly woven fabrics.  If you need to adjust the light not to be too strong, but can let in soft sunlight, you need a translucent or thin shade to create a looming effect. And these two types of sun shades can be used in combination to meet different needs. 

Common fabrics for indoor sunshades

1, Traditional fabric curtains have the advantages of good shading and brightness, and high durability. The main disadvantage is that the dimming effect is poor. Thick sunshades generally have better shading properties, but they are heavier, not resistant to dirt, and more difficult to clean. It is not resistant to wind, rain and ultraviolet rays. Over time, it is easy to fade and age.

traditional fabric curtains

2, Roller shades, curtain fabric processed by resin, rolled into a roller shape, using drawstrings or chains for ascending and descending methods, simple and convenient operation, beautiful and simple appearance, making the window frame look clean and neat, making the entire room look spacious and simple. Simple installation and affordable. 

Roller shades

3, Bamboo shades/Woven wood shades, using bamboo/reed as raw materials, mainly manual technology, with the help of simple and ingenious machinery, through multiple processes, weaving.

Bamboo shades

4, Roman Shades, the horizontal rod runs through the fabric, which makes the fabric texture look stiff and gives full play to the texture of the fabric. There are many materials used for Roman blinds, such as pure natural bamboo.

roman shades

5, Venetian blinds are made of PVC plastic, durable, easy to clean, non-aging, non-fading, shading, and breathable.

6, Honeycomb shades, the inner surface of the honeycomb is lined with aluminum foil to reduce radiant heat transfer.

Honeycomb Shades

7, Glass fiber sunshade, fire and flame retardant, can effectively block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, which is good for health. It is widely used in restaurants, cinemas, airports and other indoor areas.

glass fiber sunshade

8, Aluminum alloy material, commonly found in shutters and vertical blinds, has good ventilation effect, strong and durable.

Vertical Blinds

Common fabrics for outdoor sunshades

1, Polyester fiber special material, the fabric has high color fastness and perfect mechanical properties, and the tear resistance is very good. Widely used in medium and large ceiling curtains. Its price is cheaper than high-end outdoor curtains, but it is easy to fade.

Polyester fiber

2, Acrylic fabric, plain or colorful. It is often used for small awnings or electric sunshades with low or no tension.

Acrylic fabric

3, Polypropylene, olefin fiber material, light fiber, its strength is very high, good wear resistance, this fiber also has strong resistance to sunlight and weather. Olefin fiber is almost completely hydrophobic, stains can be easily wiped off, suitable for indoor or outdoor sunshades.

4, Glass fiber sun shade curtainhas the advantages of high strength, no deformation, strong sun protection, and convenient cleaning. It is a very good choice both indoors and outdoors, with many advantages.

  • The characteristics of glass fiber, the surface is smooth, not easy to stain, and it is very easy to clean.

  • Fire and flame retardant, which is not available in all the above sunshade materials. Very safe, especially for shopping malls, show venues and other places can be used with lights, create different lighting effects, there will be no safety hazards.

  • High temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance, long service life, no deformation or discoloration.

  • The glass fiber material has high strength and tear resistance.

  • The one-way perspective feature can not only ensure privacy, but also ensure the field of view.

  • It is highly customizable, suitable for a variety of scenarios and needs, and has a high-level sense.

glass fiber shade fabric

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