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Why fiberglass?

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Since the introduction of fiberglass insulation in 1938, it has remained the preeminent insulation material for commercial and residential construction. Over the years, fiberglass insulation has proven its ability to make buildings more energy efficient, reduce utility costs and increase occupant comfort. These and other important attributes have given it a new life as the leading insulation material in many of today's green building projects.

fiberglass insulation material

The glass fiber can be divided into continuous fiber, fixed-length fiber and glass cotton according to its shape and length.According to glass composition, can be divided into alkali - free, chemical - resistant, high - alkali, medium - alkali, high strength, high elastic modulus and alkali - resistant (alkali - resistant) glass fiber, etc,.

The main raw materials for the production of glass fiber are quartz sand, alumina and pyrophyllite, limestone, dolomite, boric acid, soda ash, mirabilite, fluorite and so on.The production methods can be roughly divided into two categories: one is to make fused glass directly into fibers;One is to melt the glass into a diameter of 20mm glass ball or rod, and then in a variety of ways after heating remelted into a diameter of 3 ~ 80 m very fine fiber.The infinitely long fiber drawn by mechanical wire drawing method through platinum alloy plate is called continuous glass fiber, generally called long fiber.The discontinuous fiber made by roller or air flow is called fixed-length glass fiber and is generally called short fiber.

Fiberglass than organic fiber high temperature resistance, non-combustion, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation.But brittle, poor wear resistance.Used in the manufacture of reinforced plastics or reinforced rubber, glass fibre as a reinforcing material has the following characteristics. These characteristics make glass fibre more widely used than other types of fibre and its development speed is far ahead of other types of fibre. 

The following characteristics are listed

(1) High tensile strength and small elongation (3%).

(2) High elasticity coefficient and good rigidity.

(3) Within the elastic limit, the elongation is large and the tensile strength is high, so the impact absorption energy is large.

(4) It is inorganic fiber with incombustible and good chemical resistance.

(5) Low water absorption.

(6) Good stability of scale and heat resistance.

(7) Good processing, can be made into strands, bundles, felt, weaving and other different forms of products.

(8) Transparent can pass through the light.

(9) Good adhesion with resin.

(10) The price is cheap.

(11) It is not easy to burn and can be melted into glass beads at high temperature.

Over the years. Glass fiber have been used in many fields ,we even can find it in our life .  we take use of  the capacities of glass fiber ,like insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other properties, making into different appearance of products, these products are widely used in electronics, construction, aerospace, communications, shipping, military, food, casting, leisure and entertainment industries and etc,.

Glass fiber

Our company is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of "special glass fiber cloth (yarn), special textile" and other series of deep processing products.In China,we have near 20years history on researching glass fiber. our company is an early and systematic enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of all kinds of "special glass fiber products, special textiles".In this field, our company in the country is "the most variety, the most complete, the largest "professional manufacturer.Its series of products have passed the international safety and health inspection and the national fire inspection center inspection, the related products meet or close to the international standard.The company's registered trademark of "IFIRSTOR " has gained high popularity both at home and abroad.

Our goals are meeting the needs of customers in a variety of the first time;The pursuit of products "new, strange, special";Improve the technical content of products;Strive to build the domestic first-class, comprehensive "special glass fiber, special textile" production base!

The company introduces advanced equipment that can adapt to the production of multiple varieties.This provides a reliable guarantee for the development of new and high technology products and excellent product quality for many varieties.The company's products are sold all over the country, and exported to the United States, the European Union, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Our company main products include: fiberglass fabric (different weave structure,different thickness), silicone coated fiberglass fabric , PTFE coated fiberglass fabric , PVC coated fiberglass fabric , PU coated fiberglass fabric , fire /welding blanket ,insulation jacket/cover for equipment, architecture membrane,window screen, filtering mesh fabric , epoxy resin mesh fabric and etc.  We also can design the items as customers' request . 

We rely on the sincere cooperation of the team, advanced technology and scientific business philosophy, in line with the "good faith first" principle, committed to provide customers with quality, efficient, sustainable services!

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