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what fiberglass can do for you?

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Glass fiber is an excellent inorganic non-metal material, variety, it is quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, pyrophyllite and boron calcium stone, six kinds of szaibelyite ore as raw material by high temperature melting system, wire drawing, winding, weaving and other manufacturing processes, the monofilament diameter of a few microns to over 20 microns, the equivalent of a human hair 1/20-1/5, each bundle fiber original consists of hundreds or even thousands of root monofilament.

How many types of the glass fiber ?

The glass fiber can be divided into continuous fiber, fixed-length fiber and glass cotton according to its shape and length.According to glass composition, can be divided into alkali - free, chemical - resistant, high - alkali, medium - alkali, high strength, high elastic modulus and alkali - resistant (alkali - resistant) glass fiber, etc. For example, Grade A is alkaline glass fiber, which is used to produce reinforced materials. Just like ours A class SMC for automobile. High-strength glass fiber is characterized by high strength and high modulus. Its single fiber tensile strength is 2800MPa, which is about 25% higher than that of alkali-free glass fiber, and its elastic modulus is 86000MPa, which is higher than that of E-glass fiber. The products produced with them are mostly used in military industry, space, bulletproof armor and sports equipment.

Where can glass fiber be used?

Glass fiber products can be used in many fields, such as aerospace, military industry, shipping, petrochemical, wind energy, solar energy, casting industry, food, electronics and other industries.It is widely used and has penetrated into every aspect of our lives.These are all based on the powerful function of fiberglass.

So what does fiberglass do?

Glass fiber than organic fiber high temperature resistance, non-combustion, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation.

What products can fiberglass make to help all walks of life?

As a strengthening material, glass fiber serves aerospace, military industry, wind power and other industries. As the middle part of products, glass fiber plays a strengthening role.

As a heat insulation material for high or low temperature petrochemical and casting industry, it can be made into an heat insulation jacket covering the outside of the quipment pipe to play a role in heat insulation and heat preservation. It can also be made into a filter screen to filter hot metal, molten steel, aluminum water and copper water.

As an anti-stick and pressure-resistant material, it serves the solar energy industry and the food industry. It can act as a layer material during the laminating process of the solar energy laminating machine and play a buffering role .

As a high temperature resistant  and non-stick material , it can be used as BBQ liner ,oven basket,bread bag ,we choose environmental material and also get the food grade certifications to service every family in the world .

As a flame resistant  material , it can be used as a protecting cover/cloth when has big fire accident happening in house ,market ,school or other public place.it can protect you before fire fighter coming .

As an insulating material to serve the electronic industry, as part of the circuit board;

As shading, corrosion resistant materials for the construction industry, can be made into new fire retardant curtains, building membrane materials, and so on.

Fiberglass can already do so much more than we thought, from tiny trash cans near you to giant oil tankers to space rockets that fly into space. 

What can our IFIRSTOR company do for our customers?

The company is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of "special glass fiber cloth (yarn), special textile" and other series of deep processing products.In China, our company is an early and systematic enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of all kinds of "special glass fiber products, special textiles".In this field, our company in the country is "the most variety, the most complete;The largest "professional manufacturer.Its series of products have passed the international safety and health inspection and the national fire inspection center inspection, the related products meet or close to the international standard.The company's registered trademark of "IFIRSTOR " has gained high popularity both at home and abroad.

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