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  • FSD waterproof fabric
    FSD waterproof fabric Ji'nan Olumpic building (The tenth National Games stadium) usage fireproof film materials (waterproof and fireproof film materials, waterproof fireproof fabric)Waterproof fabric. As we all know, there are 2 fire accidents when build
  • FSD high temperature resistant fabric
    High temperature resistant fabric used in the laminating machine details.High temperature resistant fabric (black and nature coffee ) Beige high temperature resistant fabric with no particles and non-stick. First specially makes one type of good non-stick capability, no degumming.
  • Fireproof shade fabric
    Fireproof shade fabric in the museumFireproof shade fabric in the swimming poolFireproof shade fabric in the cinemaFireproof shade fabric in the elevator hallFireproof shade fabric in the airportFireproof shade fabric in the mall Fireproof shade fabric uses high-strength ultra-fine fireproof opt
  • Protective clothing for firefighters
    Special protective clothing for firefighters seriesThe fire protective clothing( fire radiation-proof clothes)Protective clothing for firefighters Special protective clothing series ( Fire insulation suits, firefighter fire protective clothing, protective clothing etc.) Heat use heat reflective
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