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Fireproof shade fabric

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Fireproof shade fabric in the museum


Fireproof shade fabric in the swimming pool


Fireproof shade fabric in the cinema


Fireproof shade fabric in the elevator hall

Fireproof shade fabric in the airport

Fireproof shade fabric in the mall

     Fireproof shade fabric uses high-strength ultra-fine fireproof optical fiber as base fabric, coated with nanmeter polymeric materials through optical treatment.It is a high function and multi-application composite new product.Fireproof shade fabric has the good capability of resisting fire  (grade A non-combustible) and better transmittance ( more than 63%), closing to the untextured soft astigmatism, no directional light source.It also has good light diffusion property,  fireproof shade fabric can make the light which go through it more soft and make more comfortbale sapce. It is widely used in the hotel, administrative building, hospital, school, swimming pool,baby room, TV station, exhibition hall, museum etc

Ten characteristics of Fireproof shade fabric:

  1. Fireproof  grade: grade A non-combustible(GB8624-2006, passed the test of national  supervision and inspection fire building material institute)

  2.  Waterproof: can reisist 200 KG water presssure, no leakage and damage.

  3.  Bacteria resistant: can resist or prevent microbial growing  in the surface of translucent membrane, it can resist staphlococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumoniae , it is  suitable to use in the hospital , school, swimming pool, baby room, washroom and bathroom.

  4.  Weather resistant, aging resistant:: stable chemical capability and resist various chemcial corrosion, resist ozone, oxygen, light, mothproof , anti-mould. Keeping    normal from -40tp 70℃.

  5.  Transmission: transmisstance rate is more than 63%, good light diffusion property, can make soft and comfortalbe environment.

  6.  Insulation: high insulation capability, dielectric constant 3~3.2, breakdown voltage 20~50kv/mm

  7.  Environmentalist:: no smell, does not contain heavy metals such cadmium and alcohol and other harmful substances.

  8.  Shape correspondence: because fireproof shade fabric is a special high intensity fiberglass fabirc material, it can make various types. The large use of the fabric    can be reflected more concise and smooth.

  9.  Stable size: light material, hard to change the shape, stable size.

  10.  Easy cleaning: non-stick property, resistant stain and easy to clean, can be detached to clean when necessary.

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