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A Reliable Manufacturer Of Fiberglass
Then You've Come To The Right Place.
You know that only the factory can provide better quality and price.
■ Rank Top 10 in China for fiberglass manufacturing
■ High-quality composite materials, not only glass fiber
■ More than 20 years of manufacturing experience
■ With a professional after-sales service team
■ Absolutely competitive price compared with other suppliers under the same quality

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Affordable Price

With the same quality, our prices must be the best compared to other suppliers.

Good quality

When we say good quality we mean really good quality, not just talk, Good quality is what really impresses customers.

Timely after-sales service

In time 24x7 hours service and oversea service available.
Some words for you
l believe you're in the process to find the best fiberglass products on the market. However, shopping online for the perfect fiberglass products for your business can be tough.You need a reliable supplier, or l can say, the manufacturer.

Quality, costs, uses, services, and many other factors will decide which fiberglass products you buy.

At FIRSTCLASS, our mission is to provide you the best fiberglass products on the market at unbeatable prices.

The quality we do the products with the mind, we never do things such as "sell seconds with the best prce, mix the false withthe genuine" you can TRUST FIRSTCLASS to be your best choice.

We have a super-strong team and decades of research experience, and have a professional R&D institution specially approved by the government, focusing on the scientfic research and production of "special functional textiles". Have a complete R&D system and operating system.

When you're ready to discuss the details about our fiberglass, contact FIRSTCLASS and start our negotiation. We'll provide you our professional solution that you need.
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Questions Often Asked
Here are some ofthe questions that our clients often asked.

There's nothing like having a physical sample to look at! Please write down what you need.
We can provide you with:
■ Quick answer services in 12 hours
■ One year warranty standard
■ Custom-tailored solutions
■ Answer any problems with installation and technology

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